Fundraiser Order Form – Flowers/Plants

Click on the first attachment tab below to see the see the prices for flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs available.  The second attachment tab to view the order form.  See details below for Annual Mother’s Day Plant/Flower Sale.



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Annual Mother’s Day – Plant/Flower Fundraiser

Dear Friends and Neighbours,

Although the snow continues to fall….Spring is just around the corner…we promise!

Please help us continue to be a voice for our community by supporting our Mother’s  Day Fundraiser  in partnership with Bowman’s Greenhouses.

“The money raised helps to keep the Lakes Association active in our wonderful community”.    

The items available are beautiful and so why not support your neighborhood Association by purchasing flowers your sure to purchase later in Spring.

If you are able to print a form and help to fundraise with the support of friends, family or colleagues it is very much appreciated.  Forms are attached to this email but can also be printed from our Website (upload shortly) or from under our Lakes Community Association logo

Orders Due:  March 5, 2018

Please contact Kerri to complete your orders – or text Kerri 250-808-5950.  Arrangements for pick-up or E-Transfers can be made.


5th Annual Community Clean-up and Pancake Breakfast

DATE:  Sunday April 22, 2018 from 9 am -11am

4th Annual Community Garage Sale

DATE:  Saturday May 26, 2018 from 9 am -1pm

Movie Night – TBA

 The Lakes Community Association is a registered Society comprised of volunteer neighbours in The Lakes who strive to serve the neighbourhood and preserve “The Lakes” vision while conserving our natural setting.  We continue to advocate for Park development in The Lakes by building a bilateral partnership with the District of Lake Country.  The Lakes Community Association is also an organized voice for our community making sure that the needs of our community are heard and that we are able to host an occasional annual event.

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Bylaws for Recreational Vehicles

Dear Neighbours,

One of the prettiest seasons is now upon us and with that many of us will be packing away our summer toys and equipment.  The Lakes Community Association continues to receive inquiries about parking and specifically concerns and questions relating to the parking of recreational vehicles on our residential properties.

For questions pertaining to parking of RV’s, trailers or any recreational (definition provided within the Bylaw below) vehicles on your residential lots please refer to The District of Lake Country Bylaws.  The relevant section has been posted below.

Respectfully, Kerri Robertson


The Lakes Community Association

Zoning Bylaw 561, 2007 Section 5. 3 (a)

5.3 Prohibitions

(d) permit more than two recreational vehicles outdoors on a lot in a residential zone;

RECREATIONAL VEHICLE means a transportable conveyance that may be registered as a vehicle by the Ministry of Transportation intended as a temporary accommodation for travel, vacation, or recreational use and includes travel trailers, motorized homes, slide-in campers, chassis-mounted campers, boats, all terrain vehicles, snowmobiles and tent trailers but not including manufactured homes.

Zoning Bylaw 561, 2007 Section 5. 3 (a)

5.3 Prohibitions

5.3.7        No owner, lessee, tenant, or person shall:

(a)            place or permit a commercial vehicle in excess of 5,000 kg. licensed gross vehicle weight on a lot in a residential zone;

(b)            place or permit a recreational vehicle in excess of 5,500 kg. licensed gross vehicle weight on a lot in a residential zone;

(c)            permit a motor vehicle in a state of disrepair or derelict for more than 30 days on a lot in a residential zone;

(d)            permit more than two recreational vehicles outdoors on a lot in a residential zone;



Parking Regulations

  1. Except when necessary to avoid conflicts with traffic, or to comply with the directions of a Peace Officer or traffic control device or traffic patrol, and except while operating a government vehicle or public utility vehicles while engaged in their duties, or except an emergency vehicle which is in actual use for official duties, or a vehicle so mechanically disabled as to render it immobile, no person shall stop, stand or park a vehicle:

(a)       on a sidewalk or a boulevard where a curb is present;

(b)       in front of a public or private driveway;

(c)       in any lane, except as permitted under Section 10;

(d)       within an intersection except as permitted by a traffic control device;

(e)       within 5 m of a fire hydrant measured from a point on the curb or edge of the roadway which is closest to the fire hydrant;

(f)        on a crosswalk or within 6 m of the approach side of a crosswalk;

(g)       within 6 m upon the approach to a stop sign or other traffic control device located at the side of a roadway;

(h)       within 6 m on either side of the entrance to or exit from a hotel, theatre, public meeting place, fire hall or playground;

(i)        within 15 m of the nearest rail of a railway crossing;

(j)        upon any highway for the principal purpose of

(i)        displaying a vehicle for sale;

(ii)       advertising, servicing, painting, wrecking, storing or repairing any vehicle, except where repairs are necessitated by an emergency;

(iii)      displaying signs;

(iv)      selling flowers, fruit, vegetables, seafood, or other commodities or articles;

(k)       alongside or opposite a street excavation or obstruction when stopping, standing, or parking obstructs traffic;

(l)        on the roadway side of a vehicle stopped or parked parallel to the edge of the curb of a roadway;

(m)      upon a bridge, except as required or permitted by an applicable traffic control device;

(n)       in any place in contravention of a traffic control device that gives notice that stopping, standing, or parking is prohibited or restricted in that place, and at that time;

(o)       on a portion of a highway in which parking is regulated by a traffic control device in violation of the traffic control device;

(p)       in such manner as to obstruct the visibility of any traffic control device erected by or with the authority of the Engineer;

(q)       on other than the right side of a two-way highway with the right hand wheels of the vehicle parallel to that side; except where there is provision for angle parking, as signified by traffic control devices consisting of lines painted on the surface of the highway;

(r)        more than 30 cm from the curb of a roadway if a curb has been constructed;

(s)        in a designated angle parking zone where the length of the vehicle and any trailer attached thereto exceeds 6 m;

(t)        in a space on any highway adjacent to any Federal, Provincial or Municipal public building which is designated as being reserved for the use of officials, unless the operator of the vehicle is such an official;

(u)       on any highway for a continuous period exceeding 24 hours, without first obtaining the written permission of the Engineer;

(v)       being a commercial vehicle having a gross vehicle weight in excess of 5,500 kg, on any highway in a residential area, between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. of the following day;

(w)      within 6 m of the entrance or exit of a lane;

(x)       in a manner which obstructs the free passage of traffic on any roadway;

(y)       upon any portion of a highway where traffic control devices consisting of lines painted upon the surface of the highway designate parking spaces, in any location other than the designated spaces or area;

(z)       upon a portion of a highway that has been improved for the travel of cycles and or pedestrians, and which is designated as such by traffic control devices;

(aa)      on any portion of a highway in contravention of the length of time allowed for parking on that portion of highway as indicated by an applicable traffic control device;

(ab)     in any District parking lot for more than 24 consecutive hours;

(ac)      in a loading zone as designated by a traffic control device unless the vehicle is actually in the process of being loaded or unloaded;

(ad)     on a highway abutting a school ground or playground from dawn until dusk unless the school ground or playground is separated from the highway by a fence;

(ae)      in a bus stop, as indicated by the appropriate traffic control device, any vehicle other than a vehicle operated by a public transit authority or a School District;

(af)      in a fire zone, as indicated by a traffic control device;

(ag)     in a zone reserved exclusively for taxis, as indicated by a traffic control device; or

(ah)     at a curb marked with yellow paint.

(ai)      in a Disabled Persons Parking Zone unless that vehicle has a permit which is suspended from the rear view mirror inside the vehicle so that it is prominently visible from the exterior of the vehicle.

  1. Notwithstanding clause (aa) of Section 5, no person shall cause a vehicle to remain on any portion of a highway for a period of time which exceeds 2 times the maximum posted time as indicated by an applicable traffic control device.
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Annual General Meeting

Dear friends and neighbours,
You are invited to The Lakes Community Association AGM and Fire Smart Presentation on November 19, 2017  6-8 pm,  
at District of Lake Country Office – Carr’s Landing Room

We are excited to be hosting our AGM this year in partnership with Lake Country Fire Department for a Fire Smart presentation by our Fire Chief, Steve Windsor.  We had planned a Fire Smart presentation earlier in the Spring; however, due to flooding which quickly turned into Fire Response, the session was put on hold.  With a fire so close to our homes this summer we are encouraging everyone to come out to hear about fire safety and fire preparedness.

The Lakes Community Association represents your neighbourhood within our greater community of Lake Country. The Board members are residents who reside within The Lakes and volunteer their time to assist you in being a voice at the District level.

The Association is excited to see completion of our park on Apex Park Dr.  In 2018 we will see greater growth at The Lakes, as development of designated space for a multi-purpose sports court begins.
If you have an hour a month and a desire to be part of The Lakes Community Association we are in need of more Directors to join our team.  We will have 6-7 Directors moving into the next year and would appreciate the assistance of a few more people.  Many hands make light work.

Please join us.

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Carr’s Landing Art Tour


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The Lakes Community Garage Sale

We are very excited for our 4th Annual Garage Sale,

this Saturday May 27th from 8am – 1 pm.

We have 44 homes registered, so the bargains are sure to be a hit for shoppers.

A hyper link is provided below that will take you to our interactive map.  This is a much improved version of a paper map.  By using this link you can access the map easily from a mobile device as you travel around the neighborhood.  Feel free to share it with family and friends.

A photo of the map is below for those who prefer to save it or print a hard copy prior to attending the Garage Sale.  We will not be printing maps, as we found they don’t get used in this technological age.  Please find a list of the homes attached below the map, if the red pins on the map are too congested on your small phone screen.

garage sale map
Click here for a —–>  List of Homes

Have a great weekend and we hope everyone gets a chance to explore our community garage sale and find that perfect item you are looking for.



The Lakes Community Association
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4th Annual Lakes Community Garage Sale

The 4th Annual Lakes Community Garage Sale

Saturday May 27, 2017  8am – 1pm

We are excited to announce that registration for The 4th Annual Lakes Community Garage Sale is open.  Please register up until midnight May 22, unfortunately late registrations will not be accepted after midnight.  A small fee of $15.00 for each participant will be used to cover advertising, lawn signs and other event costs. An electronic map of all registered addresses will be made available, for access on your mobile device.


Please include the following:
– First and Last name

– Residential address (please be clear with Rd., Dr., Crt., Lane, etc)

– Telephone number

– Method of payment and our Registration Coordinator will make arrangements with you. (see below payment options)

HOW DO I PAY?  Your payment can be accepted as:

* Cash or cheque dropped off to our registration coordinator.  (Please make cheques to “The Lakes Community Association”)

* Email Money transfers: if this is your preferred method of payment an email address will be provided upon receipt of your registration email.

Please note:  The email address used for e-transfers will not be this address.

We look forward to hosting another great community event and hope you are able to participate as a seller or make it around to some of the houses as a buyer.

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