Letter to Mayor and Council


District of Lake Country

Mayor and Council

10150 Bottom Wood Lake Rd.

Lake Country, BC

V4V 1E3

Dear Mayor and Council;

I am writing this letter on behalf of the residents in The Lakes subdivision in the District of Lake Country.  The purpose of this letter is to bring to your attention this neighbourhoods need for developed park space and as such, request the requisite funding for the 2014 fiscal year be tabled and supported.

If you recall in early February 2013, we, The Lakes Community Association and numerous residents of the community, filled Council Chambers during budget deliberations.  It was during this time Council became astutely aware of this need, acknowledged the need and worked within existing figures to apportion $49,500.  For this, the community thanks you.  Since that time, The Lakes Community Association has fostered a more symbiotic relationship with the District of Lake Country, with thanks to Steve Schaffrick and his team.  As funding is approved, we commit to continuing this positive and constructive partnership.


In 2008 a group of citizens, living in The Lakes Community, came together to start a collective approach to being heard as a neighborhood within Lake Country .  It was the lack of park development at that time being the impetus for our formation and sadly it still is.

In 2009 The Lakes Community Association was incorporated under the BC Society Act.

The primary objective of The Lakes Community Association has been to work in partnership with The Lake District of Lake Country to see a completion of park space in The Lakes neighbourhood.  The Association has always kept in mind the need to give back to our community in The Lakes and to Lake Country as a whole.  While working in partnership with the District to develop our Parks we have also held numerous community clean-up events every spring, have participated in fundraising events to help fund our efforts and with great success we have hosted two “Movie in the Park” events for all the residents of Lake Country.   This past summer The Lake Country Open Air Performance Society held a performance in the partially completed Apex Park and they plan to do the same for 2014.  We are committed to continuing to host community wide events in the future.

 Neighbourhood facts:

–       800+ completed residence in The Lakes

–       ~17.5 % of the Lake Country voting population; with potential to be ~24.1% when construction complete

–       Over 1 million paid to DCC’s; with Phase 7A selling and 7B graded

–       Developer has completed walking trails, Pollards Pond wilderness reserve and is committed to continuing a productive partnership with our Association and the District alike.

–       0 completed parks; 0 play centers for children

–       Apex Park Phase 1 – complete consisting of large grass space, landscaping, trees, shrubs and fencing

–       Consultation and Concept design completed for Shoreline Park.

–       Eight years of residential development has seen only 1/3 of a park completed.

Moving forward:

The Lakes Community Association is prepared to move forward and continue working with the District to complete our Parks however we strongly believe this needs to be done in a fiscally responsible manner as I’m sure you will agree.  In saying this, our Association, in partnership with community minded and qualified professionals who live in our community propose that we can be successful in assisting with the park development for our community thereby reducing the overall cost.

The Lakes neighbourhood requires space for families, safe places for children to play and a space where community members can safely gather.  We strive to build a sense of community in The Lakes that lives up to its name; a desired place to live.

Thank-you for your time and consideration.


The Lakes Community Association



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