November 30, 2015

Minutes November 30, 2015

Called to order: 1800            hours

In Attendance: Brigitta, Emil, Jay, Jodi, Kerri, Rob

Regrets:              Andrea and Eric

Old Business:

  1. April minutes reviewed
  2. Garage Sale held May 30, 2015
    1. Total homes 32
    2. Registration was $15.00 per home (Total $480.00)
    3. Advertising $59.04
    4. Signs $352.00
    5. Total raised $68.16
    6. ACTION:   Motion by Jodi that we order 10 more signs, Second by Brigitta
    7. ACTION: Emil to order 10 more garage sale signs from Access signs
  1. Movie Night Apex Park held September 19, 2015
    1. Feature presentation was “Inside Out”
    2. Minimum $5.00 family charge
    3. Approximately 100 people in attendance
    4. Cost $470.00 / Revenue $335.00 / Cost of event $135.00
    5. Sponsored by Shopper’s Drug Mart, Cooper’s food, Little Caesars, District of Lake Country, Okanagan Centre Museum
    6. FOR 2016: School flyers need pre-approval by School District to go home in kids backpacks…set details for review prior to summer break or first thing in September
    7. ACTION: Explore partnership with District of Lake Country to host the event.

New Business:

  1. Review Society Act of BC stuff
    1. Kerri reviewed the Bylaws and Constitutions of the Association, binder copies have been made but not all copies yet completed for handout
    2. ACTION: Explore use of Drop Box so that all Directors can access content without having to print copies
    3. ACTION: Kerri to email documents to all Directors
  1. Open houses held Nov 8 & 15
    1. Approximately a total of 18 people attended in addition to Directors
    2. Feedback was positive including, noted feedback included the below:
      1. Request for family BBQ
        1. ACTION: Explore option of doing a BBQ in partnership with Music in the Park evening.
      2. Catchment concerns
  • Park equipment for older kids…ie hoop
  1. More garbage cans
  2. Traffic speed on Lake Hill Dr.
  3. ACTION: Request Park Zones be put in place (cross walk on Lake Hill is in at Shoreline Park)
  1. ACTION: Rob – explore use of Survey Monkey (or similar) to send out open house survey.
  2. ACTION Kerri to start a volunteer data base
  1. Direction for Next Year
    1. Directors are happy with current events being hosted and believe events remain instrumental in fostering a feeling of community;
    2. ACTION: Explore the option of involving community in fabric sign project and the decorating of electrical boxes…with the District of Lake Country…would be a great way to be part of the strong Arts and Culture of Lake Country.
  1. Director Meetings – Dates
    1. Discussion about booking regular monthly meetings in advance. Directors would like to see meetings held the first or second Tuesday of every month at 7pm.
    2. ACTION: Kerri to be in touch with Winterra to see what day of the week would be a good option.
  1. 2016 Events
    1. AGM – Book for Feb 2, 6PM
    2. Flower Baskets
      1. Will need to start in Feb and will be first week of March
    3. Clean-up and Pancake Breakfast – Sunday April 24, 2016 9-11 am
    4. Garage Sale – Saturday May 28, 2016 8-1pm
    5. NEW EVENT to be explored – Community BBQ to coincide with Music in Park in JULY
    6. Movie Night – Saturday September 10, 2016 @ Dusk (approx 730pm)
  1. Contributor Signs
    1. Let’s make a decision
      1. Plated signs for acknowledgment of contributions made by previous volunteer
      2. ACTION: Kerri and Jay to go through historical information and compile a list of people to be include on plaque.
  1. Website
    1. Two people with great skills have volunteered to be involved in development of Website – Paul TAYLOR and Kevin Thomson
    2. ACTION – Rob and Jay to meet with gentleman to start this process
      1. Confirm funds required
      2. Confirm a viable timeline
  • With features that could assist with
    1. Business advertising
    2. Fundraising / Memberships
  1. ACTION: January have information available on options, funds required
  1. Parks
    1. ByLaws has been addressing and following up at Apex Park to be sure contractors that dumped dirt and debris in the Park have it removed
    2. ACTION: Meet with District of Lake Country Officials and possibly Developer to discuss plan for 2016 and moving forward given commitment of new funds

Meeting concluded at ­­­­­1940 hours