September 10, 2012

The Lakes Community Association

Minutes of September 10, 2012

In Attendance:  Jay Donaldson, Lorraine Stekl, Kerri Robertson, Eric Sorenson, Kirtis Bergen, Linda Theberge , Andrea O’Neill, Jennifer Callow, Lee Callow, Janet Mepham, Brigitta Swatalski, Helen Timoffee

Regrets: Emil Spitkoski, Christine Steinhauer, Dane and Chantelle Prentice, Jesse Leger, Lorraine Ewonus, Mike Joseph, Patrick McAnena, Jerry Timoffee

The meeting was called to order at 7:15pm. Jay Donaldson acted as Chair

Old Business:  The action items were reviewed from the minutes of June 25th.

Helen sent a thank you note to Kirtis and his brother Travis for their donation of the Community Clean-Up sign. It was much appreciated and looks much more professional than our black and white ones.

Jerry has changed the email display to “The Lakes Community Association” rather than

Jay followed up with three tasks he had.  The first was to find out from the District of Lake Country what we would need to do to be able to put up a permanent sign at the entrance of The Lakes with our name, the website address and a removable slider to announce various events. Jay found out that we will need to describe exactly where it will go, what material it will be made of and the size etc. Once we have the funds in place to make the sign we will move ahead with it.

The second task was to find out if the District would allow us to put up a clubhouse with parking on one of the sites designated as a park. Apparently we could purchase the land for $1 . We would then be responsible for putting up the building and paving the parking area.  Because we would not have the ability to maintain the building it would then be sold back to the District for $1 and they would book events and use it to raise funds to maintain it.  The process could be similar to the way it occurred with Beasley Park.

The decision to move ahead with a Clubhouse will depend on the amount of time and effort builders and volunteers in our community would be willing to put towards the project.  We could work on obtaining funding through a provincial grant to cover the cost of material.

Action:  We will keep this in mind for future development. At the moment it is agreed that we should complete all phases of Apex Park before tackling another community project.

The third task was to have the unstable temporary wooden fence at the top of Driftwood Court dividing the street from Winterra at the Lakes be removed and a sturdy fence built. When Winterra was built, the District received a $10,000 security deposit that was to be returned to Winterra once the landscaping is complete. The request to have the fence replaced needs to go to the Receiver. If the Receiver does not replace the fence, the District will replace it and take the cost from the $10,000 security deposit.

Action: Jay will keep in touch with the District o find out what action is being taken regarding the fence.

Movie in the Park:

Linda and Janet have been working diligently on arranging our first Community Event at Apex Park. It will be a movie night held on September 21st    at 7:30 PM. Mike Joseph has arranged for the equipment to be brought and set up at a cost of $400. This is much less that the normal cost of equipment for an event like this which normally runs between $1200 and $3000. We are very grateful to Mike for obtaining the equipment. A big thank you goes to Kirtis Bergen who has volunteered to cover the $400 cost.

The movie will be “Up” and Linda has arranged to provide a popcorn machine and candy floss machine which will cost $100, but which may also be covered.  We will also be selling pop. The house next to the Park will allow us to use their power. The event is intended as a community get together for families, so it was decided that the event will be free.

Janet has contacted The View to advertise the event.

Action:  Linda will contact Coopers to see if they can provide the drinks and will give Helen the name of the people who live next to the park and are offering to let us use their power. Jerry will send out a community email once a week before the event. Jay will put up the sign that Jerry and Helen have made. Jennifer will write an ad for the schools.

Block Watch:  Kerri is very concerned that children and adults are riding their dirt bikes on the streets in the community at excessive speeds. Riding the bikes on the streets is illegal and the fine is $600 if they are caught. This is a very worrisome occurrence since children can be easily hit by cars or they can run into cars that are backing out of driveways.  A child or adult could easily be seriously hurt or killed.

We do not want this to happen in our community.

ActionKerri will contact the RCMP Sargeant and ask if a Public Awareness Notice can be placed  in The View  newspaper to make everyone aware of how dangerous this practice is. If it continues, as community members we need to report every incident that we see to the RCMP so they can maintain a record and deal with the individuals who are violating the law.

Clean-Up of Noxious Weeds:   A Service Request Complaint Form was sent by two community members,  to the District By-Law Enforcement  Officer.  The complaint requested action be taken to control the noxious weeds, remove concrete, debris, garbage and litter from vacant lots and common areas in the development. The complaint relayed information that several rattlesnakes were spotted in the long weeds beside mailboxes and the weeds were long enough to hide coyotes. This is very dangerous for small children as well as pets in the community.

The following  were copied in on the complaint.

Customer Service at City Hall

Engineering Department

Mayor James Baker

Councillor Lisa Cameron

Councillor Owen Dickie

Councillor Rob Geier

Kathleen McKenzie representing Cadence

Ty Schneider and Ron Hill representing Medican

The Lakes Community Association

The complaint was forwarded to the Central Okanagan Regional District to deal with the issue about noxious weeds and animals,  since that is their area of responsibility.  The By-Law Officer with CORD Bill Still has been very helpful and responsive. Over 50 lots were identified. He took pictures of all of the lots and sent letters to the owners advising them of the action that was required to bring their lot into compliance.  Weeds cannot be over 8 inches tall.

Most owners responded and the lots were cleaned up. Those owners who did not comply were notified that if they did not clean up their lot, the Central Okanagan Regional District would send out a contractor to clean up the lot and they would be billed $300.

The areas identified in the complaint were areas east of Lake Hill Drive. The process will begin again in the spring and the Lakes Community Association will give whatever support is needed to bring all areas of the development into compliance.

The District of Lake Country is responsible for the By-Law dealing with unsightly property, illegal dumping of garbage, litter and concrete. Unfortunately, the response from the District By-law Enforcement has not been helpful. They will not take action to require lot owners to remove discarded  and left over construction materials such as broken pieces of drywall, broken pallets, discarded lumber, and concrete from their vacant lot. The reasoning is that it could be used for future construction.

Action:  Lorraine toforward a copy of the District By-Law dealing with unsightly property to Kirtis who will review it and discuss it with the responsible individuals at the District. A let is being sent to Bill Still with Cord to acknowledge the work he has done and give our support to Catherine and Lorraine.

Parks Committee:  Andrea did not have any new information. She will possibly have something to report at our next meeting. Kirtis has volunteered to attend the next Parks committee meeting with Andrea.

Traffic Calming:  Kirtis had a concern that cars on Lake Hill Drive are continuing to speed putting children’s lives at risk. He feels that there should be speed bumps installed at the crosswalks on Lake Hill Dr. similar to the ones on Okanagan Center Road.

Helen spoke with William Arndt who is the Roads Superintendent for the District. William informed Helen that they had set up a car counter which also recorded the speed of vehicles and they were able to determine what part of the day and which days cars most often tended to speed. This information was relayed to the RCMP who set up radar detection on Lake Hill Road. Several speeders were caught and the officers received positive feedback from those drivers not speeding. This will be done sporadically. Also, the 4 way stop at Shoreline and Stillwater will be monitored.

Action: Helen to give William’s contact information to Kirtis to follow up with the speed bump suggestion.

The next meeting was set for October 9, 2012.

Meeting Adjourned

Minutes taken by Helen Timoffee


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