October 9, 2012

The Lakes Community Association Meeting

Minutes of October 9, 2012

In Attendance: Emil Spitkoski, Jerry Timoffee, Jay Donaldson, Kirtis Bergen, Kerri Robertson, Andrea O’Neill, Brigitta Swatalski, Helen Timoffee

Regrets: Linda Theberge, Eric Sorenson, Janet Mepham, Catherine Buffie, Lorraine Stekl, Christine Steinhauer, Dane and Chantelle Prentice, Gillian Goadby, Jesse Leger, Lee and Jennifer Callow, Lorraine Ewonus, Mike Joseph, Patrick McAnena

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm and was chaired by Emil.

Community Sign: We would like to put up a permanent sign at the front entrance of The Lakes. It would have a permanent top to it and a lower section that we could change to announce community events.

Action: Emil will check out the cost of materials and present a design for the frame of the sign. Once the design is chosen Jay will follow-up with the District to have it approved.

Movie in the Park: Everyone felt night was a success. It was attended by over 200 people. Thank you to Linda and Janet for all of their work in organizing it and Kerri and her helpers who helped with the popcorn.

Also a thank you goes to our sponsors: Flynn Contracting, SW Audio Visual, Save-On Foods and TD Bank. The net sales from popcorn, pop and candy floss amounted to $442.00. The cost of the movie equipment was $448.00 which was covered by Kirtis. The normal charge for the audio visual equipment is $1200 however, Barry Fisher from SW Audio Visual has offered a 50% discount to provide the equipment for next year if we commit to it now. The group unanimously agreed that we should go ahead and reserve the equipment for next year at $600.

Action: Helen to contact Linda to let her know we have approved the funding for next year.

Thank you letters: Helen will get in touch with Linda, Janet and Eric to arrange to send out thank you notes to our sponsors.

Lakes Community Logo: We would like to have an official logo for letterhead and signage for The Lakes Community Association. We would like to use the wave that the Developer created.

Action: Helen will contact the Developer to see if they could give us the logo to use.

Update on park development: Andrea has not been able to get in touch with Steve so there is nothing to report at this time.

Large rock with contributor’s names:

Jay has contacted Lorenzo and there is a rock that is available to out in the park. We will need to determine where is should be placed.

Action: Andrea will contact Dane about the installation of the rock

Block Watch: On Sept. 19th Kerri met with Dwayne McTavish who is in charge of the Block Watch program and Sgt. Rempel who is in charge of the Lake Country RCMP Detachment. They discussed several issues of concern to the residents of The Lakes.

1. Grow-Ops: They detachment has shut down 5 or 6 marijuana grow operations in the past 18 months. There may be more operating in the community so members need to be vigilant about watching for them. If one is suspected community members need to contact Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS or http://www.crimestoppers.net or text to CRIMES (274637), keyword Ktown. Our website has a link called “Report a Grow-Op” . The best place to report a grow op is to Crimestoppers.
Action: Jay will check to see where the link is directed
2. Dirt bikes on streets: Kerri brought up the concern that dirt bikes are being ridden without helmets at excessive speeds on downhill streets in the community. Adults and children are doing this. It is illegal to ride bikes on streets and there is a $600 fine if someone is caught. It is a very dangerous practice since children can be hit by cars backing out of driveways and cars can run into bikes as they are low. From the RCMP standpoint, they are aware of the problem. Kerri asked if they could do a media release to inform people about the dangers of it.
3. Halloween monitoring: There are normally 2 cars patrolling the District on night shift. On October 31st there will be one car assigned to patrol The Lakes. Last year there was a problem of a few hundred teens partying and causing a problem with fire crackers. When the owner of a house next to the area where the teens were partying confronted them, they threw lit firecrackers at her home. Police were called to disperse the crowd.
4. Traffic issues: The RCMP are aware of the issue of speeding in the community. They are setting up radar sporadically to try and slow down cars. Parking issues are dealt with through By-Law enforcement which is under the jurisdiction of the Fire Chief.
5. Reporting process: It was emphasized by Sgt. Rempel that community members need to report issues directly to the detachment in order for them to be assigned and followed up. It is the most effective way for concerns to be dealt with.

Community Beautification;

Catherine sent the following update regarding the work they are doing on having vacant lots cleaned up and weeds cut. The “clean up” for this year is complete as it only runs from April to September of each year. CORD (Central Okanagan Regional District) managed to get all of the weeds cut at least once on each of the lots/homes that were identified. Catherine and Lorraine will commence their dialog with CORD in mid April 2013. They are hopeful that the response and accountability from owners who had weeds cut by the District, and then had to pay the bill (somewhere between $250 – $300) will improve. For those owners who received more than one notice by the District, there should be a little more cooperation and they will hopefully clean up their yards with the first request. Catherine has stated that she does know that next year, CORD will not be as lenient with owners. They will not get a second request. Their lots will be cut by the District and an invoice will be sent to them. Lorraine and Catherin will continue to clean up Lake Hill Drive and properties to the east of Lake Hill Drive. We will need a volunteer or two for the west side of Lake Hill Drive. It is not that big a task. In all, Catherine and Lorraine spent approximately 10 hours working on the project by identifying the lots that needed work. CORD does most of the work, the volunteers just need to keep in contact with CORD. Catherine will be away for most of March and 1/2 of April 2013. It would probably be a good idea for the new volunteers, Lorraine and Catherine to meet in February 2013 so that they can be ready with the identified properties by April.

Action: Andrea will contact Jennifer Callow to see if she would like to work on this project. If Jennifer doesn’t want to be involved, we will ask for volunteers at the AGM.

Membership :
Jay updated us on the membership fees. We only have 6 memberships purchased. We need to have a plan to increase the number of memberships we receive and we will need to somehow insure that the process is as automatic as we can make it. People do not see what benefit they are receiving from their membership. We will be charging a flat $120 per membership per year and we will try to have people pay $10 per month through automatic withdrawal. If we are able to collect memberships from every household we will speed up the building of Apex Park and be able to continue on with future plans and improvements in the community.

Action: Jay to get in touch with Mike to see if the plan to approach businesses in the District to give discounts to our members is still a viable option. Jay will also bring up the subject of memberships at the AGM and ask for everyone’s input so that we can move forward with a solid plan for the coming year.

Dogs in the community:
There appears to be an increase in the number of people who do not pick up after their dogs. At the present time dogs are allowed on Apex Park if they are on leash. Some community members do not want dogs on Apex Park as they are worried about the safety of their small children. It is noticeable that people are allowing their dogs to urinate on the grass.

Action: The issue of people not picking up after their dogs will be addressed at the AGM. A vote will be taken on whether dogs should be allowed on Apex Park or not.

Events at Okanagan Center Community Hall :
Jenny Wilkenson from Okanagan center has sent an email requesting that we announce their Halloween Party and their Christmas Party on our website.
Action: It was unanimously approved that we place the information on our website. Jerry will contact Jenny to ask her to send the information that she would like us to put on our website and it will be forwarded to Jay to place on the site.

Preparation for AGM:
Our AGM is scheduled for November 5th at 7pm at the Winterra Clubhouse. It was decided that we would each take part in the presentations as follows.

Welcome and general overview of the Association – Helen
Update on Park –Andrea
Update on Block Watch- Kerri
Fundraising activities and financial status-Linda
Community Clean-up- Catherine
Membership action plan-Jay
Voting in of Directors-Helen
Vote re dogs in Apex Park-Helen
Future Plans (Complete Apex Park and other designated park areas, improvement of front entrance to the Lakes, permanent community sign) discuss possibilities, engage audience in discussion around what vision they may have for the future of the community-Jay/Mike/Helen/ others

Action: Helen to contact Linda to determine if she has the CD that Colin left with the financial statements on it. Determine if Linda needs help in preparing the financial statement.
Jerry to send out an email announcing the AGM.
Helen and Jerry to prepare a Power Point Presentation for the AGM.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:55pm


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