October 24, 2013

Minutes for  October 24, 2013

Meeting was called to order at  7:10pm

Present at the meeting was Rob and Kerri Robertson, Jodi Cochrane, Ryan Mayne, Emil Spitkoski, and Cheri Bauer

Regrets Helen and Jerry Timoffee, Jay Donaldson, Eric Sorenson, Andrea O’Neill

1)    Old Business discussed:

a)    Movie Night in Apex Park:

i)      2nd Annual Movie Night in Apex Park was a great success.  The weather held and the event while cool was a huge success.  Feedback was positive from all in attendance at the meeting and the feedback received from the community was positive. Pizza was a great addition to this years event.  10 pizzas adequately covered the approximately 150 people in attendance.  Movie night in the park raised a total of $527.79 ($45 from donations).  After the expense of the movie screen rental a total of $452.79 was deposited to the account.

ii)     Sponsor letters were completed and sent out in the week following the Event and extra water and pop was returned

iii)    It was discussed what might be considered for next years event.  Everyone was happy with the addition of candy bags and pizza.  Given the cool weather in teh third week of September it was discussed that the Movie night be held earlier next year…potentially the last weekend in August.  To be discussed in the coming year.

b)    Jodi continues to work on setting up appropriate online banking access and pay-pal account updates.

2)    New Business:

a)    Kerri provided an update for Jerry that the Community Contact List is now at 231 contacts

b)    Current community concerns were discussed involving the highway noise and concerns regarding a partially built home on a lot in the Lakes.  The focus of discussion was the community information email composed by Rob and sent out to the community contacts by Jerry in relation to the Highway noise.  Those present felt strongly that the Community Association was an important mode of communication and that it was appropriate for the Community Association to assist in communication regarding issues of this sort.  It was expressed and supported by the Directors that were present that the Community Association will continue to assist where possible by providing information to our Community contacts list where issues arise and may be relevant to the Lakes Community residents.  Those present felt it is important to maintain a neutral role in relation to issues of this sort and to be supportive to all by providing information pertaining to how residents can receive required information and action.

c)    Rob provided an update on the Parks in the Lakes.  The parks remain a project and responsibility of the District of Lake Country; however, the District continues to work with the Association.  The Concept plan drafted by Urban Systems subsequent the public consultation was presented.  A drawing of the concept was reviewed.  Rob and Ryan to meet with Steve Schaffrick regarding the initial concept plan in the coming week.

d)    Rob drafted and sent a letter to the District of Lake Country on October 5, 2013 in relation to the Lakes Community Associations request that Parks in the Lakes be discussed for funding in the coming 2014 budget deliberations.  The letter was distributed directly to the Mayor, Councillors, and Steve Schaffrick.

e)    Steve Schaffrick responded to the letter regarding the parks and is requesting that the Lakes Community Association canvass the Members of the community to secure potential volunteerism, equipment and supply donations that may assist in Budget deliberations in the early New Year.

i)      Action:  Rob will compose a request to the community contact list to initiate the volunteerism and donation process.

ii)     Action:  Further discuss the potential of the Community Association to hold a fundraising challenge for the parks

(1)  Potential target of $20 000 was discussed

(2)  Raising funds for park equipment by buying a paver stone which is planned for the front entry to the Shoreline Park put forth as an option

(3)  Need volunteers to assist with this effort

(4)  Could use a funding thermometer attached to community sign to measure our success

(5)  Explore the potential support for funding that might be available through the Lions Club, Rotary Club, and grants

f)     AGM

i)      The group discussed the upcoming AGM.  Scheduled for Nov 17, 2013 at 6 PM.  Helen and Jerry Timoffee will put together the power-point presentation.

(1)  Action:  Directors to submit their information to Helen and Jerry for the power point

(2)  Notice to Public: Jay update website, Jerry email to contacts, Emil to update sign on hill

(3)  Needed:  Projector – Timoffee’s may have one?

(4)  Rob and Kerri will bring beverages for the AGM

(5)  Discussed the importance of asking those who attend the AGM what they see/envision the Community Associations role to be?  While our priority continues to be focused on getting action for our Parks what else do the residents of the Lakes see as the role of the Association.

ii)     ACTION:

(a)  Rob to invite Councillors/Mayor

(b)  Invite to any others?

3)    Rough outline of AGM agenda discussed:  (Helen to firm up with the completion of the power-point)

a)    Canvassed group for MC…Kerri to MC

b)    Welcome, Introduction and Mission of the Lakes Community Association – Kerri

c)    Sustainability Plan for the District-Helen

d)    Fundraisers held in 2013

i)      Flower Basket Project-Eric

ii)     Movie in the Park- Kerri

e)    Financial Report – Jodie

f)     Summary of other successes in 2013 – Helen

i)      Winterra makes ground (Association presented issues to District in Fall 2012)

(1)  Fence in and fire lane being completed currently

ii)     Residents continue to tackle unsightly lots and roadways seeing an overall improvement this year

iii)    Water fountains at Sitarra – Developer replaced both fountains this year

g)    Block Watch – Kerri

h)    Parks – Rob

i)      Review of participation in 2013 Budget deliberations, the results and update on current situation

i)      ?? Event Fundraising Vs Memberships – Jay Donaldson

j)      Communication Role – Rob and Helen

i)      Impact of New Highway, Traffic Calming, unsightly lots and roadways

k)     Nomination for Directors – Kerri

l)      Input on Role and questions – Kerri

Meeting concluded at 843 PM.


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