November 5, 2012 AGM

Minutes – AGM  November 5, 2012

 Call To Order: The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm by the Chair, Helen Timoffee.

There were 31 people in attendance.

The chair confirmed there was a quorum.  The agenda was presented to the group.

The chair expressed our thanks to the Winterra Condominium Association for allowing us to use their clubhouse for this meeting and for meetings held during the year.

Minutes from the previous AGM are available on the website under the Minutes tab.

 History of the Association: A brief review of the history of the Association was given by the Chair. The Lakes Community Association will strive to serve the neighbourhood, and preserve “The Lakes” vision and conserve our natural setting.

The following are the attributes we are striving to achieve for our community:

•          Strong Association to speak with one voice

•              Pride in our  community

•              Development of the designated parks

•              Communicate  effectively

•              Maintain property values

•             Offer amenities to members

•             Develop an enjoyable and safe place to live


The Directors were introduced as were the active members of the Association.

The following reports were given

1. Spring Clean-up- Helen Timoffee

2. Traffic Calming – Helen Timoffee

3. Update on Apex Park- Andrea O’Neill

4. Block Watch- Kerri Robertson

5. Pride in Our Community – Catherine Buffie

6. Fundraising Activities and Financial Report- Linda Theberge

7. Memberships – Jay Donaldson

The following persons have volunteered and were approved by those in attendance to be Directors of the Association.

Helen Timoffee

Andrea O’Neill

Jay Donaldson

Eric Sorenson

Brigitta Swatalski

Kirtis Bergen

Kerri Robertson

Issues arising from the meeting:

•       There is a concern that dog owners are not cleaning up after their dogs and when community members have approached dog owners to ask them to pick up after their dog they have been “told off” by the dog owner. Dog owners have been allowing their dogs to defecate and urinate on Apex Park. This is not acceptable.


Catherine Buffie made the following motion:

I move to change the status of Apex Park from “Dogs allowed on a leash” to “Dogs Not Allowed”. The motion was seconded by Linda Theberge. Carried unanimously.

•       A concern was raised that there are two locations on the walking path on the east side of the community that have lookouts with no protection from a sheer drop off the cliff. A fall from these lookouts would result in certain death.

Action: The Association will bring these concerns to the attention of the District as the parks and walking paths are their responsibility.

•       A concern was raised that we as a community should not have to raise funds to complete the parks in the community. As a condition of receiving approval to develop the land, it should be the responsibility of the Developer to develop the designated park areas. This is the case in most new developments in the Province. It should be a requirement for the parks to be developed before approval is given for new Phases at The Lakes.

Action:           The Directors will investigate the development approval process and the process of   development of the parks at The Lakes.

•       In our efforts to have empty lots and common areas cleaned up, we have received welcome support from the Central Okanagan Regional District (CORD) in enforcing the cutting of long grass in the empty lots. We have not received the same support from the District of Lake Country. It is the responsibility of the District to enforce the removal of dumped concrete, wood, garbage and debris from vacant lots and common areas.  Several unsightly properties were identified in the summer and have yet to be cleaned up.

Action:  We will continue to work with CORD in the spring to enforce the cutting of weeds and we will continue to request that the District act on unsightly properties at The Lakes.

•            Parking of cars on the streets continues to be an issue, particularly narrow streets. There is an issue with cars being allowed to be parked on both sides of Shoreline Dr. in front of Winterra and Sitara.  A question was raised as to why the cars belonging to Sitara are not parked in the parking lot.

Action:  This issue will be raised with the District.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 PM.


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