November 17, 2013

The Lakes Community Association

Minutes of the AGM November 17, 2013

Call To Order: The meeting was called to order at 6:05 pm by the Chair, Helen Timoffee.

There were 19 people in attendance.

The chair welcomed everyone who were in attendance and confirmed there was a quorum.  The agenda was presented to the group.

The chair expressed our thanks to the Winterra Condominium Association for allowing us to use their clubhouse for this meeting and for meetings held during the year.

Minutes from the previous AGM are available on the website

Review of Community Association History

A brief review of the history of the Association was given by the Chair. The Mission statement of the organization was read as follows: The Lakes Community Association will strive to serve the neighbourhood, and preserve “The Lakes” vision and conserve our natural setting.

Current Directors of the Association were introduced.

We are striving to achieve the following attributes for our community:

  •    Strong Association to speak with one voice
  •    Pride in our  community
  •    Development of the designated parks
  •    Communicate  effectively
  •    Maintain property values
  •   Offer amenities to members
  •   Develop an enjoyable and safe place to live


The Directors were introduced and the following reports were given.

Memberships – Jay gave the history of what has happened with our membership program. We are encouraging residents to contribute at least $20 per year to help with the administrative costs of the Association.

Website – Jay encouraged everyone in attendance to view the website on an ongoing basis since that is where meeting minutes  are posted, upcoming events are listed and reports on community events occur. The website has been developed and is operated by volunteers however there is a cost to keeping it active each year so part of the donation to the Association goes to the upkeep of the website.

Sustainability Plan – Helen

Our Sustainable Lake Country is an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan or ICSP. An ICSP is a long-term strategic plan that provides direction for the District to realize sustainability objectives it has for the environmental, cultural, social, economic, and governance dimensions of its identity. ICSPs encompass most aspects of municipal planning, including buildings and land development, infrastructure, waste management, economic development, parks and recreation, and social and cultural well-being of residents.  The Lakes Community Association has been represented on this planning committee by Helen Timoffee, Rob Robertson and Kerri Robertson. The baseline data has been collected and the next step is to obtain community input via an on-line survey at

Fundraising Activities –Kerri  reported that the sale of Flower Baskets increased this year and we cleared a total of $1705.85. This is our most successful fundraising activity and people were encouraged to support it next spring. We are also asking residents to continue to assign the funds they receive for their bottles at the Return It Depot to The Lakes Community Association.

Movie in the Park – Kerri informed the group that the feedback was very positive following our Movie in the Park event held Sept.  21st. Approximately 150 people attended. The pizza and candy bags were a great addition. We raised a total of $527.79 ($45 from donations).  After the expense of the movie screen rental a total of $452.79 was deposited to the account. Thank you letters were sent to our sponsors. They included  Little Caesars – Lake Country, Coopers Foods – Lake Country, Shoppers Drug Mart – Lake Country, Andreas Electronic – Kelowna, Plaza 5 Cinema – Kelowna, District of Lake Country. Given the cool weather the event may be held earlier next year.

Financial Reports – Jodi reviewed our financial situation.  As of October 31, 2013, the Association showed total equity of $5,277.58.

Block Watch – Kerri reviewed the current Block Watch Program at The Lakes.  The goals for the coming year include re-initiating the BW Program, updating Captains and residents in current zones, adding zones as volunteers for captains are identified, requesting resident to report all suspicious activity to police, encouraging residents to mark items for police identification in case of a loss.

Parks – Rob presented an overview of the activity that has occurred in regards to moving ahead with the development of the designated park areas in the community.  There are over 800 completed residences in The Lakes. We currently comprise 17.5% of the Lake Country voting  population with potential to be 25% when construction is complete. To date over  1 million has been paid to DCC’s to the District; with Phase 7A selling and 7B graded. The Developer has completed walking trails, Pollards Pond reserve and is committed to continuing a productive partnership with The Lakes Association and the District. After 8 years of development  only 1/3 of a park has been completed and no play centers for children have been developed. Apex Park Phase 1 has been  completed consisting of a large grass space, landscaping, trees, shrubs and fencing. Following a community survey, it has been decided that the designated area on Shoreline Rd. will be developed next.  The District has allocated $49,000 to initiate development of the park.  This will be a joint effort between members of The Lakes Community and the District. Volunteer help is needed to reduce the costs. Rob asked for assistance in the following areas:

—  Equipment donations (excavators, dump trucks etc)

—  Material/Supplies donations or discounts

—  Professional expertise donation (irrigation, electrical, landscape)

—  General volunteer labour

—  Fundraising for play equipment purchase

—  Tax receipt from the District office will be issued

—  Connection to Service Clubs (Lions/Rotary etc)

Additional Activities –  Some activities that occurred at The Lakes last year include: We have a new community sign thanks to Emil, spring community clean-up was held once again , new iron wrought fence has been installed at Winterra, a fire lane is being developed at Winterra, new water fountain circulation pumps  have been installed at Pollard’s Pond.

Motions:  A motion was made by Janet Mepham and seconded by Brigitta Swatalski to approve  the following individuals as Directors of the Association.

Kerri RobertsonRob Robertson

Jodi Cochrane

Andrea O’Neill

Jay Donaldson


Eric SorensonBrigitta Switalski

Jerry Timoffee

Helen Timoffee


General Discussion

Concerns were brought up about the noise from the new Highway.  A plan will be formulated by concerned residents to approach the Provincial Government calling for noise mitigation.

Concerns were expressed about the long time it is taking for the development of the former Medican site.  No one had information about the status of the site.

There is an issue with lack of public transportation to and from the Lakes. Concerned members will strategize to come up with a plan to approach relevant Departments.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm


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