March 13, 2013

The Lakes Community Association

Minutes of March 13, 2013

Meeting was called to Order at 7:07 PM

In Attendance:

Kerri Robertson, Jay Donaldson, Emil Spitkoski; Brad Regnier, Helen Timoffee,  Jerry Timoffee and  Ryan Maine.  Rob Robertson joined the meeting at approx.. 8:40 PM.

Regrets: Eric Sorenson, Kirtis  Bergen, Brigitta Switalski, Andrea O’Neill, Linda Theberge

Old Business:

Signage:  Emil approached the District for a permit to erect the sign. He met with the Supervisor at the site where we want the sign to be and was told that because there have been a number of requests for signage in the District he will be notified of the decision. The sign would be approximately 6 1/2 ft. high with the top aluminum permanent structure  36” by 36”. There would be a space for removable  temporary notification signs hanging at the bottom. The permanent sign would have The Lake Community Association with the double wave logo and the website on it.

Action: Emil will wait for direction from the District and then take the aluminum sheet to Deana at Access Signs to be completed.  The cost will be $200 for the printing of the sign. Emil will check into the cost of the aluminum sheet.


We are still waiting for the rock to be delivered to Apex Park so that we can have the names put on plaques and placed on the rock. We have 3 families who have made donations of $500 and have been told that their name will be placed on a plaque.

Jay has spoken with Dane who has a rock that would be appropriate and Lorenzo who is able to move the rock in place. Lorenzo said he will speak with Dane to arrange for the rock.

Action: Jay will contact the people who were to have their names on the rock and let them know we are still working on it.

As Mike is no longer able to take on the task of getting memberships, we have decided that we  need to have more fundraising events to pay for the administrative costs to keep the Community Association going and to sponsor fun events for the residents.

Website:  It would be more convenient to have our email address related to the website. We may be able to have more than one email address related to the work we are doing. It would be helpful if we could have  and

Action:  Jerry will check into whether or not this is possible with our website.

Community Beautification:  We want to encourage everyone in the community to keep their property neat and tidy. Catherine and Lorraine will be starting to work with the Central Okanagan Regional District to ensure that properties are attended to. They will be addressing the concerns on the east side of Lake Hill Drive. They would like someone to take on the west side of the community.  Janet had mentioned that there was someone interested in taking on the west side of the community and working with Catherine and Lorraine.

Action: Kerri will contact Janet to find out who was interested in taking on this task.

Safety concerns: We had issued a letter to the District expressing concerns about unsafe areas of the community. These included the temporary snow fencing along the drop off behind Winterra and the walking paths along the cliff on the east side of the community without signage warning of the drop off.

Action: These items will be tabled for future meetings

New Business:

Flower Baskets:  Eric has reported that the flower basket fundraiser was a huge success. We doubled the sales from last year and sold 112 baskets.  Way to go volunteers and community members who purchased the baskets!

Park Progress:  The focus for this year will be the land designated for a park on Lake Hill Drive. Rob, Chris and Ryan met with Steve Schaffrick on March 7th to initiate plans to get going on the designated park area on Lake Hill Drive.  Ryan reported that he has had a meeting with  the head of a consulting firm who may be able to help up out by volunteering  to do the surveying . Once the surveying is complete, the Developer at the Lakes will have their contractors bring in their machines to level and grade the area. Time is of the essence since the machines are almost finished with the next phase at the Lakes and will be moving out.  We are thrilled that we are able to stretch the funding from the District by receiving generous support from volunteer businesses and the Developer.

The District requires public consultation on the design of the park.  Notices of the date and time for the community consultation will be issued by the District so everyone will have a chance to give their input.

Ryan has determined that the District of Lake Country is a registered charity and if anyone would like to donate to the Lakes Community Association through the District, their donation will be a taxable benefit.

Fundraising: In order to have funds to pay for the administrative costs of running the Association and costs of fun events for community residents and possibly equipment for the new park, we need to hold fundraisers. Brad has suggested a golf tournament in conjunction with a dinner and silent auction to raise funds for the community.  Since most of us are new to this, we need information on how to go about this type of event.

Action:  Brad and Ryan will check into what is involved in holding such an event and will report back to us at the next meeting.   

Financial Accounting:  We will need someone to be given signing authority at the bank and take on the responsibility of receiving  bank statements in the mail.

Action: Jerry will go through the accounts to ensure everything is in order and he will pass on the information to the person taking responsibility for the financial information.

Spring Clean-up:  A date has not been set yet. We will try to incorporate it with the community consultation on the park.

Meeting Adjourned: 9:30pm



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