March 24, 2014

Minutes March 24, 2014

Call to order: 1918 hrs

In Attendance: Kerri Robertson, Rob Robertson, Jay Donaldson, Emil Spitkoski

Regrets: Andrea O’Neil, Jodi Cochrane, Ryan Mayne, Brad Regainer

Old Business:

  1. AGM – Highway concerns – request Jerry be in touch with those with highway noise concerns

New Business:

  1. Flower Basket Fundraiser – Kerri
    1. Total value sold – $5400 (Total raised after expenses $2347.06)
    2. ACTION: Kerri to get Invoice to Jodi for payment of $2906.40 to Bowmans Greenhouse)
    3. Total baskets sold – 143
    4. Cost of materials for new packages = Costco $72.75, Staples $73.79Total $146.54 (Kerri to be reimbursed)

Total $146.54 (Kerri to be reimbursed)

  1. Approximately 55 homes in our community bought flowers
  2. Those who sold 10 or more –Andrea, Crystal, Emil, Jay, Brad, Deb, Kerri
  3. For those who sold 10 (6 volunteers sold more than 10 baskets) or more baskets a draw was offered for a gift certificate to a local business. Draw completed, drew by Rob

i.     WINNER = Draw completed WINNER Deb

  1. ACTION: Kerri to get gift certificate to Deb
  2. ACTION: Jay to add thank-you to website
  3. ACTION: Emil to put thank-you on sign
  4. ACTION Emil will add to sign – May 1, 2014 – Reminder to pick-up May 9-10
  5. Feedback from sellers:

i.     packages were great, easy to use and professional;

ii.     several new contacts received;

iii.     Some residents expressed frustration that “The District” is still “doing nothing”. This is not the case but the wheels move slowly;

iv.     Some residents expressed they are not worried about Parks; where possible volunteers attempted to send the message that fundraising supports the whole community and that Parks are not just instrumental for young children but for community spirit and also home values.

  1. ACTION: Kerri will send new contacts to Jerry for addition to mail out lists
  1. Parks Update– Rob
    1. Tree grant – District had applied for a grant through TD to cover the trees for Shoreline park. While in the top six applications Shoreline Park did not receive one of the top three funded projects
    2. Bowman’s green house wants to assist with plants for Shoreline Park

i.     ACTION: Kerri to get them a list of items needed once received

  1. Rob will be meeting with Steve Schafferick and Urban systems this week to see where things are at with planning and start of development.
  1. Upcoming community events –
    1. Summer Art program is open for early registration. Gill Goadby to sent email with information for fan out.
    2. Open Air performance Society – Kerri sent email to Veronica Scarpino

i.     No schedule on websites to date

  1. April 2, 2014 @ 10 am is kick off to Community clean-up month

i.     Friends, family and neighbors spend 20 minutes at 10 am to help start the clean-up from winter process

ii.     ACTION: Jay to add to website

  1. Composter pre-sales available until March 31, 2013 on Regional District site

i.     Easter Egg Hunt by District is April 18, 2014 (ADD TO WEBSITE – see District Calendar of events for details)

ii.     ACTION: Jay to add to website

  1. Our Community Clean-Up event
    1. Date for our event confirmed for April 26, 2014 from 9-11am
    2. ACTION: Request Jerry register Association and get supplies from Regional District; we still have a box of gloves from last year
    3. ACTION: Community email when details confirmed – Jerry
    4. We discussed adding to this event as turn-out tends to be the same few. Group in attendance feels that a pancake breakfast could be do able.

i.     ACTION: Anyone that can help with logistics please let Kerri know

  1. ACTION: Rob to look into the possibility of having the Remax air balloon on-site to give rides
  1. Website
    1. Our site is mentionedon the District of Lake Country website under Parks, Rec & Culture
    2. Direction for website – We discussed the need to look into a new formal website rather than our current blog site. Jay to look into some new options.

i.     A website that can allow the ability for addition of order forms etc for memberships and online basket orders?

ii.     Easier navigation

iii.     Option for request for emails or removal from email list

  1. ACTION: Jay to complete the following updates to current site

i.     Directors list (Will confirm list of persons)

ii.     Parks update

iii.     Traffic update – Oceola upgrades, bus pull-out completion, BC Transit to serve the Lakes in Fall 2014

  1. Memberships
    1. We discussed the need to plan in relation to Memberships. Memberships are needed as we recently learnt. We cannot get gaming licenses without a suitable Membership.
    2. Some community Members have enquired as to whether or not they are Members because they get the emails. There is confusion and the sooner we plan for a Membership structure the more we can do for the community.
    3. ACTION: A meeting with all directors is needed to discuss the Membership topic exclusively. Issues to be decided include but are not limited to the following:

i.     Structure of program

ii.     Fees (automatic annually or monthly)

iii.     Renewal

iv.     Recruitment

  1. ACTION: Rob and Kerri to seek some input from other community associations with regard to Membership structure. One website that has been viewed is the Kelowna’s Mission Residents Association website. The website is professional easy to navigate and it appears they have a Membership structure in place that is working for them. Request Directors have a look at some sites and associations as to provide input
  1. Fundraising – Poker event is not a possibility at this time
    1. Winterra unable to allow us to use clubhouse for a poker type event
    2. Gaming license is an option but only if we can bring on a Membership base larger than our directorship
  1. Next Meeting April 28th at 7pm to be confirmed with Winterra

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