June 4, 2013

Minutes of June 4, 2013

Call to order at 7:01pm
In attendance: Andrea O’Neill, Jay Donaldson, Kerri Robertson, Donna Gruenenwald, Rob Robertson, Brad Regnier, Jodi Cochrane, Helen Timoffee, Jerry Timoffee

Regrets: Emil Spitkoski, Eric Sorenson, Linda Theberge, Brigitta Switalski, Ryan Mayne, Chris Sinclair


A special thank-you goes to Kirtis Bergen for his time with the association.  Kirtis stood down from his role as Director with the Lakes Community Association after much thought. Best wishes to Kirtis, his family and his new endeavors.


1)     Spring clean up was held April 28, 2013:

  1. A small number attended the spring clean-up this year but a large amount of garbage was still collected.  Two piles were picked up by the Regional District, one was located at the to be Shoreline park and one at the north end of Cadence.
  2. Thank-you to Helen & Jerry Timoffee for donating to Tim Hortons coffee and donuts

2)     Signage:

  1. Emil ordered the sign from Access Signs and it will be ready in the coming days


  1. Funds – $200 for printing of sign plus the cost of aluminum
  2. Once the sign is complete we need to set a date and team for installation.  Emil to lead the way on this.

3)     Winterra fencing:

  1. Update from Gill Goadby – a Court hearing was to be held on May 21, 2013 in Vancouver.  Results not yet known.  Numerous issues to be addressed include work on the rock wall prior to fencing being installed.


1)     Insurance: Jerry Timoffee

  1. Director’s and Officer’s insurance has been renewed for 2013 with the current provider.  Intact Insurance Company.  The annual premium is $1,581.


Jerry will check into the possibility of the premium being paid by monthly installments and will let Jodi know.

2)     Membership Acknowledgement:

  1. Update from Jay Donaldson

We have committed to acknowledging the Charter Members who have contributed $500 each to the community.  The initial plan was to have a boulder placed at Apex Park with names on a plaque however, it has been difficult getting a boulder there and it may be more beneficial to look at other options for acknowledgement. We will look for opportunities as Shoreline Park and Apex Park develop.

3)     Treasurer:  Jody Cochrane

  1. Signing authorities have been set up. Eric, Jodi and Jay have signing authority


Jodi will update the mailing address for the bank statements.

4)     Lot clean up:  Update from Helen

  1. A formal complaint has been sent to John Mellor, By-Law Officer for the District to request action on the clean-up of vacant lots at The Lakes, particularly the Medican site and the Winterra site.  The Medican site is in Receivership with the Laurentian Bank. A compliance date of May 20th was given to the Laurentian Bank to have the debris removed from the property.  The owners at Winterra are working on getting their surroundings dealt with through court action.   Catherine and Lorraine continue to work with CORD (Central Okanagan Regional District) to get the owners of vacant lots to cut down their weeds and remove debris from their properties.  Since the community is very large, Catherine and Lorraine have been concentrating on the lots on the east side of Lake Hill Drive.  They are requesting help with the community on the west side of Lake Hill Drive.


Donna has offered to help out with the west side of the community. Helen will contact Catherine and Lorraine and set up a meeting with Donna, Catherine and Lorraine to go over the action plan.

5)     Blockwatch – Kerri Robertson

  1. Ongoing concerns with traffic on Lake Hill drive:  Kerri has been in touch with the Local RCMP detachment.  A request has been made for citizens on patrol speed watch and arrangements will be made for traffic enforcement initiative in our area. There is a concern that we don’t have an evacuation plan in case of a fire.


Kerri will contact the District to find out what the plan is for evacuation through a second exit from the community.

6)     Parks:                   Rob Robertson

  1. The community has voted 64% in favor of developing Shoreline Park as opposed to putting equipment on Apex Park.  Rob touched base with Don Erdeley, the Developer to give him the results. The Developer has committed to allocating $500 per lot sold in Phase 7 to the development of the park. This is on condition that the District matches the donation.  Rob will now hand over discussions to Steve Shaffrick  and Don Erdeley . We have had a qualified volunteer do the grade elevations for the site. And it has been given to the District. Grade plans and concept plans now need to be done.  We need to know what the community wants the park to look like.


A community consultation will be held on June 26th from 6 to 8pm at the Shoreline Park site.  Brad and Rob will have the playground equipment suppliers who they have been in touch with, develop sketches for the park. We can use these sketches as examples to show people who attend the consultation.

7)     Music in the park and Movie night:  Kerri for Linda Theberge

  1. Communication is ongoing with the Open Air Performance Society – Veronica Scarpino. A Music In The Park event is scheduled for July 6, 2013 – see their website

Linda will provide a more detailed update when she gets more information

For discussion – Is The Lakes Community Association willing to consider a further movie night in the park?  Possibly one smaller one after the music in the park event then a larger one in September as we did last year.   Possible cost of $1200 for the screen.  Last year we had a generous donation from Flynn for screen costs and donations from TD Bank and Coopers for food.  Ideas include perhaps selling pop and candy bags in lieu of popcorn given the labor intense process involved with the popcorn

It was decided that we would not have time to put on a Movie in the Park after the Music in The Park event on the 6th of July. We would like to plan for a Movie in the Park in September.


Brad will look into less expensive alternatives for getting a screen and equipment for the September  “ Movie in the Park”.

8)     Pumps at Sitarra Pond – Andrea

It was brought to our attention that the pumps that were installed originally in the pond behind Sitarra are no longer working. The Sitarra Condominium Board would like support for their cause to have the pumps replaced.  It was decided that more information is needed.

Meeting Adjourned at 9 pm.


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