June 25, 2012

The Lakes Community Association

Minutes of June 25, 2012

Location Winterra Clubhouse

In Attendance:    Jay Donaldson,  Andrea O’Neill,  Linda Theberge,  Janet Mepham, Mike Joseph, Jerry Timoffee, Helen Timoffee

Regrets:  Brigitta Switalski, Christine Steinhauer, Dane/Chantelle Prentice, Eric Sorenson, Gill Goadby, Emil Spitkoski, Jesse Leger, Lorraine Ewonus, Kerri Robertson, Kirtis Bergen, Patrick McAnena

Linda Theberge volunteered to chair the meeting as we do not have a President of the Association.

Meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm.

Old Business:  We have not yet sent a formal thank you to Kirtis’s brother who did a great job of making The Lakes Community sign for our annual  clean-up .


Helen to send a thank you note for the work that was done.

Update on parks:  Andrea reported that there isn’t anything new to report at this time.

Update on the planned “Movie in the Park” night:  Linda and Janet reported that the tentative date for the night is August 24th  and as a back-up in case of rain it would be held on August 25th . The date was chosen because most families are back from vacation by then.  Because there isn’t any electricity at the park yet, Diane whose house is adjacent to the park has kindly offered her power.


Mike offered to contact Cal McCarthy who owns an audio/video business out of Kelowna and may be able to help out with the equipment and screen needed for the night.

Janet will find out which night the Moonlight Movie will be held at Beasley Park to make sure that it is not the 24th of August which would conflict with our planned night.

Janet will find out about popcorn making machines.

Linda will find out about cotton candy making machines

A donation container will be set up at the entrance to the park. Person responsible is yet to be determined.  We will need more people to help out the night of the event.

Mike brought up the issue that there were a number of young people who had fireworks in the community last Halloween. Some fireworks were directed at houses which was very frightening for the residents. We will need a plan in place this Halloween to have community members patrolling in cars or on foot to ensure this doesn’t happen again. This could be coordinated through Block Watch. There were suggestions that we have an activity for the kids in the park at Halloween and an Easter egg hunt next Easter.

Report from Membership Coordination and Future Planning Committee :

Jay, Emil, Mike and Laurie met to  discuss ways to increase memberships in the community and to brainstorm ideas about future plans for the community.  An initial plan is to provide a membership card that could provide discounts at businesses in the District. Memberships would be purchased by community members and they would benefit by having a card that would entitle them to discounts at participating businesses.  The businesses would be given premiere memberships that would include advertising on the website but instead of paying for the advertising they would give community members discounts at their business. This way we encourage community members to buy locally and we would concentrate on driving people to the website so that each participating business becomes well known as a supporter of our community.  Any marketing we do would also focus on driving people to the website. We would pay particular attention to newcomers to the community. We would have a logo and a picture that is consistent so it becomes recognized as the identification of the community.

We could have a permanent tasteful sign that would be set up at the entrance and protected with a weatherproof covering. It would have a removable section that would be changed to announce various events and activities that are occurring.  The sign would have the website address permanently on it.

Future ideas included the possibility of having a community center built.  We do have an area on Lake Hill Dr. that has been designated as another park.  It is about the size of 2 city lots.  We would need to determine if that is what community members want.


Jay  will contact the District to determine if it is possible to put a community center on that site.

A concern was raised that the email address  thelakeshoa@live.ca may not be recognized as belonging to The Lakes Community Association.


Jerry will look into changing the name that people see as the email address.

There is a need to clarify administrative issues such as preparing financial statements and record keeping for the Association.


A Director’s meeting will be held to discuss administrative issues.  All Directors will need to be in attendance. The Directors are: Jay, Eric, Andrea, Linda, Kirtis and Helen.  Helen will send a note to all Directors with suggested dates for the meeting.

The issue of insurance coverage was discussed. We currently have liability insurance to cover events as well as Directors and Officers insurance. There was discussion about whether or not we need D&O insurance coverage because we are not yet doing much in the community.  Jerry had done some research on the issue and presented his findings. Some community Associations in the District do have D&O insurance and others don’t. It is up to the Directors to determine if they feel there is a need for coverage.


Mike will check with his insurance broker to determine if we can get the insurance for a better price.  Mike will present his findings to Jerry.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:15pm.

Minutes taken by Helen Timoffee


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