July 11, 2014

The Lakes Community Association

Minutes of July 11, 2014

Call to Order 7:05pm

In Attendance: Kerri Robertson, Jay Donaldson, Brigitta Switalski, Emil Spitkowski, Jodi Cochrane, Jerry Timoffee, Helen Timoffee


  1. Highway noise concerns: There was a concern from residents at the AGM about increased traffic noise created as a result of the new highway being constructed. They were asked to contact us in the spring after documenting what was creating the most noise and taking videos etc. We have not received further contact from any individuals with a concern about highway noise. The Department of Transportation has removed the rumble strips on both sides of the highway which has helped to curb the traffic noise.

ACTION: This item is being removed from future agendas unless concerns are brought to our attention.

  1. Garage Sale: Review of event

Our first garage sale held on May 31, 2014 was a huge success. We had 24 homes registered, maps were created and handed out at the entrance of The Lakes to help people find the homes participating in the event.   Feedback was very positive. Thank you to Brigitta, George and Kerri for their work on setting up this new event for the community.

ACTION: We have received responses from a questionnaire sent to the 24 homeowners who participated in the event. Jerry will send out those responses to the committee for review . A larger map at the entrance may help identify the homes participating in the sale. It may be beneficial to have a community based business support the event and in turn we could allow them to place advertising signs on the lawns of the homes participating. Next year we can expand our advertising to Parent Swap, Kijiji and Castinet. We will look into setting up a dedicated email address for the Garage Sale.

  1. Insurance: Our Directors and Officers Insurance was due in May. Jodi has paid the premium for the coming year.


  1. Development Plans at The Lakes:  Don Erdely from Okanagan Land Development had planned to attend the meeting to discuss further development plans at the Lakes and the Developer’s commitment to development of our parks but he was unable to attend so this presentation will be rescheduled.
  2. Parks Update: There has been a change of personnel at the District. Greg Bucholz is the Director of Infrastructure Services and Shaun Lesowski is the Parks and Facilities Superintendent reporting to Greg. Development of Shoreline Park is continuing. The land has been levelled and fill is now needed. Pro-Ex Services is conducting initial site work.

ACTION: Our community needs to raise funds to purchase playground equipment for Shoreline Park. Since the equipment costs several thousands of dollars, we would need to hold several fund raising events which would take many volunteer hours and a lot of organization. We have an option of collecting donations for the park from residents at The Lakes and donors would receive a tax donation receipt to claim on their taxes. If we were able to collect a one time donation of $100 for the playground equipment from each household we would be able to purchase the equipment with much less work and time commitment and we would have the equipment ready to go as soon as the park space was ready for it. The actual donation from residents could end up being only $40 to $60. Remember it takes a community to raise a child!

  1. Upcoming events: Open Air Performance Society is holding their Music in the Park in Apex Park on Saturday July 14, 2014 from 6:30 to 9pm.
  2. Memberships: We need to determine what is important for residents in the community in order to understand what our focus should be once the parks are complete. If we are going to charge membership fees, what do residents get in return? We are expanding the events that we are organizing in the community. We need volunteers to help out if we are going to continue with these events. We now email 240 email addresses regularly and we need a commitment from volunteers and Directors.

ACTION: Jerry will look at setting up a survey to send out to all residents on the email list. We will need to come up with questions for the survey.

  1. Website: Jay, Rob, Jerry and Helen met with Terry Wilson who has had experience setting up websites. We would like to explore the benefits of having a website designed with more graphic capabilities than the current program in WordPress that we are using. A benefit will be the capability to add more designated email addresses. We would like our website to look more vibrant and polished. As Terry is doing this work part time and is very busy this summer. He won’t be available to do anything until November. We would like to explore the availability of others working in the field. The quote from Terry is $500 for the Website design plus $40 per hour for additional work after the design is complete.

MOTION: Motioned by Kerri: That we move ahead with the development of a new website and set up a committee to review proposals and prepare a recommendation to be submitted to the Directors by September 1st at the latest for a final vote . Seconded by Brigitta, Carried.

ACTION: The following people will check out contacts they have who do website design; Brigitta, Jodi and Emil. They will submit the names of individuals and their quotes to Jerry who will take the names to the committee for review . Committee members are Jay, Rob and Jerry

  1. Movie Night: We have set a date for our Movie in the Park. It will be held on the second Friday in September which will be the 12th. Our back up plan will be to hold it the following night if the weather does not cooperate.

ACTION: Jodi will oversee the event to make sure everything is managed. Jodi will contact Brad to ask him if he can get the speakers and electronic equipment from Andres Electric once again. Jodi will contact Veronica Scarpino from Open Air Performances to ask if we can have their screen.    Jerry will arrange to get the bags of popcorn from the movie theatre as well as water and candy from Shoppers Drug Mart. Emil will purchase the small popcorn bags, we have enough ziplock bags. Kerri and Jodi will ask Janet if she can get the drinks from Coopers. Little Ceasars Pizza will provide pizza for the event. Emil will put up the community sign. Jodi will look into advertising in the View.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:50pm.

The next meeting will be held on September 2, 2014 at 7pm.  




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