January 20, 2014

 Minutes January 20, 2014 

Called to Order: 7:04 pm

Present: Jay Donaldson, Andrea O’Neill, Rob and Kerri Robertson, Ryan Mayne, Brad Regnier

Regrets: Emil Spitkoski, Helen and Jerry Timoffee, Jodi Cochrane, Brigitta Switalski

Old Business: 

1) Thank-you:

Emil – thank-you for keeping our signage up-to-date with a holiday greeting

Jay and Jerry – thank-you for updating the website with a message for our neighbours.

2) Any outstanding issues/concerns to put forth from AGM

a. The Lakes residents – Highway concerns; there were discussions about assisting in providing a venue for discussion… Will need to follow-up with Jerry as he had the contact info.

New Business: 


a. baskets will need to be sold in February…Orders will be due March 1

b. Bowman Green houses – Glen Bowman

c. Kerri will organize as Eric would like to pass on the Torch 

d. Looking into an electronic form to email out in advance with mail back option?

e. Ryan will assist with copying of forms when they arrive

2) District of Lake Country BUDGET MEETINGS – Rob

a. The District will be holding Final budget meetings in February.

b. In December the proposal for Shoreline park was put before Council.

c. The proposal will be part of final deliberations in February.

d. TASK – Rob will send email to Jerry for email fan-out and to Jay for website to encourage participation at District meetings, Feb 3 and 4th.

3) FUNDRAISING – Discussion and Brainstorm session

a. The proposal put forth to the District for Shoreline Park acknowledges the partnership that has been built with the Lakes Community Association. As such, the District is looking to us for help with some fundraising.

b. TASK: Once funding has been committed by the District – Rob will be organizing a request for in kind type donations from community Members.

c. Bowman has been approached for plants etc – Kerri

d. In an effort to raise funds we need to discuss/plan some fundraising options…

i. Discussion was had regarding the potential of hosting an event at Winterra Club House; a community poker night;

ii. TASKS: Kerri confirm if Winterra is a potential site, capacity, and special event liquor license requirements

iii. TASKS: Brad to confirm the gaming requirements surrounding hosting a poker style event with the sale of raffle tickets for numerous items


a. WEBSITE – updating of all tabs required, parks, traffic upgrades made to Oceola and Lakehill intersection, highway upgrades including additional burming, Updated list of Directors, how to contact us

Next Meeting: Feb 17th – 7pm – has been confirmed with Winterra already


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