April 28, 2014

Minutes April 28, 2014

Called to order: 1902 hours

In Attendance: Kerri Robertson, Rob Robertson, Jodi Cochrane, Brigitta Switalski

Regrets: Andrea O’Neil, Brad Regnier, Jay Donaldson, Helen and Jerry Timoffee

Old Business:

  1. AGM – Highway concerns – request Jerry be in touch with those with highway noise concerns
  2. Flower Basket Fundraiser –
    1. Bowmans Green Houses was paid $2906.40
    2. Kerri has been reimbursed for expenses
    3. Deb received a $50.00 Grey Monk Winery gift certificate; Donated by Kerri & Rob
    4. Thank-you notices were sent out by email and added to website
    5. ACTION: Emil to put up sign for reminder of pick-up May 9-10 between 8am – 5pm
    6. New contacts added to email fan-out list – Now at 240 contacts
  3. Fan out was made for Summer Arts Program
  4. Memberships
    1. ACTION: A meeting with all directors is needed to discuss the Membership topic exclusively. Issues to be decided include but are not limited to the following:

i.     Structure of program

ii.     Fees (automatic annually or monthly)

iii.     Renewal

iv.     Recruitment

New Business:

  1. Community Clean-Up & Pancake Breakfast
    1. Held – April 26, 2014 from 9-11am (Kerri & Rob picked up piles until 2pm)
    2. Approximately 40 participants
    3. Huge success
    4. Cost of food and rentals ($227.02)

i.     $131.04 for grill and chairs (Nor-val provided 10% discount)

  1. Kerri has been reimbursed

ii.     $95.98 – Costco food and preparation supplies

  1. Janet has been reimbursed
  2. NOTE: we have coffee cups, plates, napkins, cutlery etc left over for the next event…it is stored at Kerri’s house
  3. Brigitta stated she also has extra plates if we need in the future

iii.     Yellow Air Balloon was not an option as cost started at $1200 for the first 2 hours – Perhaps we will check with Remax again next year…it was not quite ready for this years event

  1. Thank-you’s

i.     E-mail has been sent out to Steve Schaffrick and Ursula Christen at the District to say thank-you and update them on the success of our event. Ursula will forward to the Communications Officer for facebook and will put the information in the Blooms magazine

ii.     ACTIONS:

  1. Letter to Alberto Defeo for the Fire Chief coming out
  2. Letter to The District of Lake Country – potta a potty and wash station
  1. Parks Update– Rob
    1. Bowman’s green house will assist with plants for Shoreline Park

i.     List has been provided to Bowmans (version #2) 2014-04-28

  1. Kerri sent email/letter to Don Vanderwerf at Kel-Lake Greenhouses for assistance with remaining plants/trees needed. No reply as of yet.
  2. On March 26, 2014 Rob met with Steve Schaffrick and Urban systems to review the 90% plans…few minor changes/additions were made
  3. On April 26, 2014 we received the 100% detail maps for Shoreline Park (we posted them at the Clean-up)
  4. On April 28, 2014 Rob met at Shoreline Park sight with Steve Schaffrick and The Lakes Development Manager, Don Erdely
  5. Partnerships in the works or to be explored further with:

i.     Pro-Ex Services – excavation

ii.     Big Bear Ventures

iii.     Sierra Landscape

iv.     Fencing potentially Fence Line or Lynx

  1. Upcoming community events –
    1. Open Air performance Society

i.     July 12, 2014, 630-9pm Apex Park

ii.     ACTION: Jay – Post details and link to the Open Air Performance Society website on our website

  1. Website
    1. Update from Jay and Rob regarding a meeting that was held to discuss website options…development of a new website would cost in the area of $500
    2. Issues with current blog website – Jay and Jerry have been working on this

i.     Some of the information that was on our website has been lost

  1. Current emails cost monthly fees vs a new site that would include emails
  2. ACTION: Need to book a meeting to exclusively discuss this matter with a quorum of Directors
  1. Community Garage Sale – Brigitta
    1. Brigitta will begin to plan a community garage sale with the assistance of one of her neighbors. The idea is to plan a community wide garage sale. It was agreed that a $10 fee per household registered would be appropriate. The fee would include The Association taking care of advertising and mapping of participant houses.
    2. ACTION: Brigitta

i.     Confirm a date

ii.     Advertising to perhaps include the local papers – “Calender”, “View” and “Capital”

iii.     Other sources of advertising may include The District of Lake Country website/calendar, District facebook, Community facebook sites were applicable

iv.     Draft a snip-it for the website and email – will email Directors for input prior to fan-out being sent.

v.     Maps can be developed for printing from the website and a pick-up location on the way up Lake Hill Dr

  1. Planning for Movie in the Park
    1.  ACTION: Kerri to research other local calendars to determine if we can host the movie night the last week of August.
  1. Other:
    1. Insurance

i.     ACTION: Jodi to explore the Insurance due dates

  1. Next Meeting
    1.  ACTION: Kerri to explore two dates that will work for a majority of Directors…it is critical that we meet to discuss two items:

i.     Memberships

ii.     Website

iii.     NOTE: Discuss voting requirements with Helen

Meeting adjourned at 2006hours


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