April 22, 2013

The Lakes Community Association

Minutes of April 22, 2013

In Attendance:  Kerri Robertson, Rob Robertson, Andrea O’Neill, Jerry Timoffee, Helen Timoffee,

Welcome to new member Jodi Cochrane.

Guest:  Counsellor Rob Grier

The meeting was called to order at 7:14pm

Old Business:

Signage:  Emil has received approval from the District to erect the sign for the Lakes Community Association .

Action: Emil will begin construction of the sign and arrange to have it placed on the east side of Lake Hill Drive near the fire hydrant.

Memberships:  The rock has not yet been placed in Apex Park. We will be placing plaques on the rock with names of community members who have donated $500. Jay will update us at the next meeting as to his contact with the donors.

Website: Jerry has created two email addresses for the Association. The first is a general email address  info@thelakescommunity.com and the second is specific at blockwatch@thelakescommunity.com

Community beautification:  Catherine and Lorraine are continuing to work on getting the garbage and debris cleaned off of the vacant lots on the east side of Lake Hill Drive.

Action: Kerri will check with Janet to find out who is interested in taking on the west side of Lake Hill Drive.

Safety Concerns:  Steve Schaffrick will check out the cliff area east of Eastridge Court where there is a dangerous sheer drop off. He will determine whether or not a warning sign needs to be placed there. Gil has informed Kerri that Winterra residents had a geotechnical structural engineer check out the rock wall that has temporary fencing   on it. There are cracks in the wall and it is falling. As Winterra is in Receivership, the engineer has contacted the Receiver to advise them of the problem. The Receiver has requested funds to have the problem dealt with. Hopefully our safety concern regarding the temporary fence should also be dealt with at the same time.

New Business

Parks Update:  Rob gave us an update on the meeting he had with Steve Shaffrick on Monday. The survey has been completed and the survey map has been drawn up. Steve is waiting for the concept drawing.  Discussions with Steve centered on the fact that we may not have enough funding to complete Shoreline Park .  The choice may be to take Shoreline Park as far as the money will go this year or purchase playground equipment on Apex Park.  The Associaton members are leaning toward starting Shoreline Park for the following reasons:

  1. Don Erdeley has promised a donation toward Shoreline Park of $500 per lot sold  in Phase 7.
  2. It is a long way for the young families on the east side of Lake Hill Drive to get to Apex Park consequently they are not using the park.
  3. We have had considerable support for Shoreline Park from families on the east side of Lake Hill Drive.

Action:  Rob Robertson and Rob Grier will meet with Steve Shaffrick once the concept drawing is done for Shoreline Park and once we have feedback from the community on whether we should start on Shoreline Park or put the funding toward playground equipment for Apex Park.

Rob will draft questions to go out to the community by email asking whether they would prefer to start on Shoreline Park or purchase equipment for Apex Park.  Jerry will send the email out.

Community Clean-up: The clean-up will be held on April 28, 9am on Lake Hill Drive at Shoreline Rd. (the site of Shoreline Park). Jerry has picked up the bags and gloves for the clean-up and he will pay for coffee and doughnuts  for the event.

Action: Jerry will send out another email reminding people of the clean-up date. He will also put up a second sign with the location on it. Andrea will bring a table for the event.

Finances:  Jodi has volunteered to be the Treasurer for the Association. Jerry will organize the financial information so that it is up to date for Jodi to take over. Jay, Eric and Linda have signing authority on the checks.  The bank statements are currently being mailed to Linda’s address.  Since Jodi is taking over the financial recording, the bank statements need to be sent to her address.

Action: Andrea will contact Linda to make the necessary changes at the bank for Jodi to take over the financial responsibility. Helen will add Jodi as a Director.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:40pm


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