Alternative Exit from The Lakes

Project Summary: Engineering and Development services for The District of Lake Country are working together to determine how best to accomplish a second access route including intended function (emergency vs. open passageway). Important considerations include: proper design to avoid commuters short cutting through The Lakes as well as the cost ramification associated with building and maintaining new roadways. Design and Development of an emergency exit from The Lakes: $200,000

Current Status: Spring 2018

Safety at the Intersection of Oceola and Lakehill Drive

Project Summary: Numerous accidents (including two fatalities) have occurred at the intersection of Oceola and Lakehill Drive – primarily as a result of poor visibility, winter driving conditions and excess speed. Construction of traffic circle at the bottom of Lake Hill Drive and Oceola Road to cost: $1,250,000.

Many residents are happy that the DLC did not complete this project at roughly $300K more than the budget however many are not satisfied with an all or nothing approach. Less costly modifications could be completed including a 4way stop in interim. With that said, we are encouraging people to complete the following 'Report a Problem' form and encouraging them to pass along the link to others that may also want to submit a report on this issue.

Click here to access the Report a Problem form.

Current Status: ON HOLD