Summary Guidelines


   All builders and homeowners are assumed to be aware of the building guidelines that exist in our community. After talking with members of our community we realized that this is not always the case. In an effort to best serve our community we have endeavored to provide information and to facilitate awareness in our community with regards to the building guidelines for the benefit of all of our residents.

Please Note: The Lakes Community Association does not hold an official opinion regarding the building guidelines nor does The Lakes Community Association have the ability to enforce the building guidelines. Our mandate is merely to help provide information to our residents.

Abbreviated summary of some of the key highlights of the building guidelines for The Lakes development:


 No mobile homes or trailers shall be maintained on the lot as a residence nor may any mobile home, trailer, boat or truck be stored on the lot other than in an enclosed garage or other suitable space shielded from the street.

Driveways are to be constructed using exposed aggregate, stamped concrete and/or brick pavers. Smooth or broom finish concrete will only be considered when used in combination with any of the listed approved finishes. Asphalt or gravel are not acceptable. Colour should be compatible with the home’s color scheme or to match any dominant stone or brick elements on the home. Driveway banding should be a minimum 12″ wide.

 Entries and Courtyards

The front door is a vital component in establishing a solid first impression of the home. As such, all homes are required to incorporate a front entry landing to provide a transition from yard to house.

Surface finishing’s shall be exposed aggregate, stamped concrete or brick.

 Exterior Materials and Finishes

A minimum of three wall treatments are to be used on the front of each home or any elevation facing a street. A minimum use of 60 Sq. Ft of Brick or stone is mandatory as one the finishes. Combustibility resistant exterior finish materials is strongly encouraged.

The use of natural materials and warm colors are encouraged. Exterior building surface materials are to compliment the natural character of the site and as such the following materials will be allowed:

Walls: Acrylic stucco, cement stucco, cement fiber board (hardiplank or approved equal),shingleside (hardi shingle), stone, brick . Vinyl siding is not acceptable.

 Color: Predominant exterior colors will be rich earth tones and be approved by the Design Consultant. Neutral tones including white are to be avoided as the primary exterior color.

 Windows: All windows will be considered except aluminum.

 Doors: Special attention should be given to front doors and they should be considered a feature. Transoms and sidelights are encouraged.

 Roofs: 30 year fiberglass shingles with raised ridges, color and profile, consistent throughout entire neighborhood, as determined by the Design Consultant. No wooden shingles or shakes allowed.

 Trim: The use of heavy trim elements is strongly encouraged. Trim should visually read as a strong element on wall surfaces to provide interest and “layering” of the façade materials. Trim should utilize a combination of different materials, colors and textures.

 Accessory Buildings

 There shall not be erected, placed or maintained, on any of the lots, any building or structure other than one (1) detached, single-family dwelling house and one (1) approved accessory building of materials consistent with the principal dwelling and suitable for residential purposes only (i.e. garden storage, pool equipment, etc.).


Dog kennels, when authorized and approved in writing by the Design Consultant, must be screened and constructed with the long dimension contiguous to the adjacent dwelling and not visible from the street.

 Recreation Equipment and Commercial Vehicles

No recreation vehicles (i.e. boats, motor homes, trailers), or commercial vehicles or unlicensed vehicles or any recreational equipment (including pool equipment) may be stored in the front yard or be visible from the front street (including the flanking street for corner lots).


All fencing shall be of standard design and:

a) all fencing must be set apart a minimum of 20 feet from the principal front facade of the home;

b) all fences and gates will be consistent with the standard design to ensure neighborhood continuity, and

c) privacy between yards is to be achieved through the use of plant material and landscaping.

 Landscaping Guidelines

To enhance a settled appearance in the neighborhood, the Lakes requires the lot owner/builder to complete the front yard landscaping within 6 months of completion of house construction unless weather conditions make it impossible to do so.

All yard areas are to be irrigated by a timed irrigation system and shall use a drip method wherever reasonable to do so in order to conserve water. This will be strictly monitored by the Design Consultant.

All street fronting yard areas shall be landscaped with trees, lawns, shrubs and flowerbeds.

Lots shall be sodded, not seeded.

A street tree (London Plains 150 mm caliper) is to be supplied and planted, by the lot owner or his builder on the boulevard, centered as close as possible in front of every lot. Comer lots are deemed to have two fronting boulevards and as such are required to provide two (2) street trees.

Disclaimer: The content of this site is for general information purposes only and although The Lakes Community Association has made every effort to ensure the content is accurate and up to date, it should in no way be construed as professional advice or legal requirements.  The Lakes Community Association does not accept any responsibility or liability in relation to its use.  Users are advised to seek professional advice before taking or refraining from taking any action. Please refer to the Official Building Guidelines for The Lakes development for legally slated building guidelines.


One Response to Summary Guidelines

  1. kate says:

    We have a corner lot with no privacy and would like to put up a wood fence for our dogs. We were first told that fences had to be black chain link but since buying our home, we have seen many homes in The Lakes with wood fences and other materials. Could you please clarify this?

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