April 28, 2015

Minutes April 28, 2015

Called to order: 6:10 pm

In Attendance: Emil S., Jay D., Jodi C., Kerri R., Rob R.,

Regrets: Andrea O., Brigitta S.

Old Business:

  1. Movie Night Held September 12, 2014 7:15 pm
    1. Muppets
    2. Lower turn-out but possibly because schools were on strike so no notice could be sent out
    3. Little Caesars donated Pizza – Sold popcorn, pop, water and candy bags
    4. Cost: Licensing fee 294.00 (Audio Cine Films Inc for Movie License, 75.00 for screen from Open Air Society
    5. Raised from sales $266.00
    6. Cost to Association for event of $103.00
    7. NEXT YEAR:
      1. Cost of Movie so we need to consider District Support to host the event or charge a minimal family fee
  1. October Shoreline Park
    1. Volunteer event – grass installed by 30+ volunteers
    2. Held October 25, 2014 at 9am
    3. Little Caesar’s donated pizza
    4. Karen Miller – Lake Country Communications Officer attended…article in paper.
  1. Annual General Meeting
    1. Held November 16, 2014 6pm (Sun)
    2. Held at Winterra Club House
    3. Turn-out – included a minimal number, Directors, one Councillor and 2 property owners
    4. A disappointing turnout as there were lots of great accomplishments to be shared with the community
  1. School Catchment area debate January/February
    1. Assisted in holding an open community forum in which a petition could be signed; petition was an independent resident driven initiative. The Lakes Association assisted in securing a location for residents to meet.
    2. Association assisted with fanning information out to our email contacts
    3. Discussion:
      1. Concerned Residents have created a Facebook page (closed group) “The Lakes Community” in order to communicate on facebook.
      2. The Lakes Community Association has opted not to get involved in social media at this time. We did communicate with our residents as best we could be email. Unfortunately some residents took these emails and posted them on social media.
  1. Flower Basket Fundraiser – February orders were due by March 9, 2015
    1. Total amount sold $5910.00; expenses $327.60; (Approximate Bowmans $ 3500.00 meaning about $2400 in profit) 2014 – $5400 (Total raised after expenses $2347.06)
    2. Total of 13 volunteers
    3. Feedback – still seems to be a hard sell at peoples doors
    4. Option was provided to pay be email transfer which was super helpful
    5. Mail Out
      1. Cost – 327.60 UBR Services did all copying and mail out
      2. May not have reached all houses, total of 450 were put in the mail
    6. Any feedback
  1. Meeting with developer Agent for Okanagan Land Development Corporation held on March 30, 2015
    1. TO DO: Minutes to be completed (KERRI)
    2. Letter of support drafted and sent to Mayor and Council on April 12, 2015
    3. Rob followed up with each Director individually to explain what the Developer was proposing prior to drafting the letter to Lake Country Council
  1. Survey about what community would like to see from the Association?
    1. Carry over to June
    2. Director Positions / Recruitment:
      1. There is a need to look at what roles are assigned to Directors and who can help with additional roles
      2. What positions do we need to canvass for?
  • We could start this recruitment prior to the AGM to attempt to have those people present for the AGM and nominations
  1. Website
    1. Motion made in July 2014 to move ahead with development of a new site
    2. Continue to hold on this option until we establish what community wants

New Business:

  1. Pancake Breakfast
    1. Clean-up month was April 2015. Community Clean-up event with second annual Pancake breakfast held on April 26, 2015 9-11am
    2. Approximately 100 people turned out
    3. Cost $131.04 Norval and Supplies (Costco) $64.31- Total $195.34
      1. Motion that these expenses be reimbursed to Kerri Robertson
        1. Motion by Jodi   ; Second by Emil
      2. Potential of new volunteers
      3. Developer Agent for Okanagan Land Development Corporation, Don Erdely attended to discuss the current proposal before Council
        1. Lots of good discussion
      4. TO DO – Thank-you to supporters
        1. Lake Country Fire – completed
        2. Community Policing – completed
  • Norval Rentals for discount
  1. Vernon RCMP for tent, tables and coffee pot
  1. Parks Update – Rob
    1. Communication continues with Developer and The District
    2. Development of Shoreline Park continues
    3. ITEMS to carry forward for further discussions and notice of need to DLC
      1. Park signs, cross walks, zoning for parks, stop signs
  1. Garage Sale – Our next event was discussed unfortunately Brigitta was not able to attend so below noted items were reviewed.
    1. Date May 30, 2015 8-1 pm
    2. TASKS:
      1. Registration – Brigitta
        1. Charge for registration? Should we continue with $10? A recommendation made to increase to $20
          1. Agreed that $15.00 would be sufficient to cover cost of signs
        2. Payment option e-transfers? Will be available through Kerri
      2. Media outlets – to be confirmed with Brigitta
  • Signs
    1. Looking at banner vinyl signs – Decided No Banner signs this year as too expensive.
    2. Chloroplast signs for lawns – Emil will be in touch with Access Signs who did our Community Entry sign.
    3. Jay Website
  1. Plated signs for acknowledgment of contributions made by previous volunteers. Emil to look into this. Options of granite, Bronze Plates etc.

Meeting concluded at 7:50 pm